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Dinner and a Movie




“Oh my…” Selena uttered breathlessly. “What is this?” she continued quietly, her eyes wide and searching. She tore her dark orbs away from the twinkling lights and silky flowers to gaze at Justin in wonder.

“This is ours,” he shrugged, a smile playing at his lips. “For tonight this…

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Big Spoon, Little Spoon


This was supposed to be based on a request about Jelena spending the day in bed though as I wrote it kinda trailed off to be just a really short cutesy scene

Selena POV;

Sun leaked through the sheer curtains hiding Justin and I from the outside world, our bare bodies tangled beneath a thin white sheet. Justin’s face was nuzzled in the nape of my neck, his messy hair tickling my cheek lightly. I gently turned in his arms trying my best not to disturb him while he slept but he still stirred.

"It’s just me baby, it’s okay." He mumbled something incoherent before adjusting himself until he was comfortable. I watched as his chest rose and fell with even breaths, the sun hitting the side of his face. Tracing my finger dizzily across his warm cheek I just lay there and watch him.

"What are you doing?" He finally muttered, his voice raspy.

"Watching you sleep," I smiled down at him even though his eyes were still shut. I loved watching him sleep. He looked so innocent. So peaceful; as if he had no worries in the world


"For the same reason you like to watch me sleep."

"That’s different," He argued, rubbing his eye with his fist.


"It just is," He shrugged, tilting his chin up to peck my lips, “good morning."

"Morning boo." I ran my fingers through his hair as he moved his head back on my chest.

"Can we just lay here forever?" He requested, snuggling the sheets.

"Forever is a long time," I commented playfully. He shook his head as if disagreeing with me.

"Not long enough."

"I guess I can compromise. How does all day sound?"

"That sounds amazing," he sighed, “a break is well in order for us. Friends marathon?"

"You should sleep. I know you’re exhausted baby. You work too hard." Tour can really wear you down, especially when you’re constantly country hopping.

"I love it though."

"I’m just worried about you. You’re gonna burn out sooner or later." He huffed but didn’t comment knowing I was speaking the truth, “I’ll sleep too if it makes you feel better?"

"Can I be the little spoon?"

"What?" I giggled.

"Hold me," he repeated, his voice a whisper, “I want to be the little spoon today."

"You’re so cute," I gushed, kissing his cheek, “of course I’ll hold my baby." He grinned cheekily, moving so that I could slide behind him. I massaged his shoulders for a few minutes before wrapping my arms around his waist, cuddling him close.

"Sweet dreams baby boy."

*Note; Sorry for any errors. I’m posting off my phone so I’ll fix them at a later time. The one-shot didn’t really go anywhere but I thought it was kinda cute nevertheless. Let me know what you think?

breakfast in bed


A/N: this is my first time ever writing one of these, sorry if its shit. lol

 Justin’s P.O.V.

“Babe?” I said as I shook my gorgeous wife. “Babe, it’s time to get up. Come on.” I continued to shake her until I felt something hit my leg.

I looked down to see our year old son, Drew. “Hey Buddy.” “Mama seeping?” “Yeah, mamas sleeping. How about you help me mama some breakfast” “Yeah, bweakfast, i hungee”.

I took Drew downstairs to the kitchen, so we can make Selena a back to work breakfast. “What should we make mama?” I asked drew. “PANACAKE!” “Pancakes it is buddy.”

I went and got all the ingredients to make Selena the best back to work breakfast ever. After I finished making the food, Drew went and got the fruit and helped set everything on a tray and brought it up to Selena.

Selena’s P.O.V.

I woke up to feeling someone jumping on the bed. I flipped over only to see drew jumping up and down on the bed. I sat up and scooped him on my lap. “What are you doing mister?” “Mama bweakfast.”

"Okay lets go" I said starting to get up to go make breakfast, but stopped when I heard my wonderful husband’s voice.

"Good Morning, gorgeous." Justin said walking in to the room smiling and holding a tray full of pancakes, eggs, toast, sausage, strawberries, and a cup of orange juice.

"Good Morning, handsome." I said grabbing the tray from him and placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

"You made this for me?" I asked taking a bite of my pancakes.

"Yes, I did bec-" he started before being cut off by drew.

"I help dada make bweakfast." he told me before taking some of my strawberries.

After we finished breakfast I went to go get dressed for work. I put on a white crop top and gray skinny jeans with some white sandals. In the middle of putting on my make-up I felt Drew pull on my pants leg.

"Yes Bud?" I asked putting down my mascara and sitting on the toilet seat with him on my lap.

"Mama go bye-bye?" he asked with a pout on his face.

"Yeah, baby. Mama has to go to work but you get to stay with daddy all day." I said trying to make him smile. 



I was in the booth recording for my album. I’ve been recording for about 4 and half hours now, and I’m starting to miss Drew and Justin. I guess the producer noticed because he told me to take a break. As soon as i stepped out of the booth, I went and called Justin.

I think he was busy because the phone rang 3 times before he answered.

"Hey Babe, aren’t you supposed to be recording?" he asked surprised that I called.

"Hey Baby. I’m on break right now. I called because I missed you guys." I said truthfully because I do miss them.

"We miss you too, trust me." he told me. We continued to talk for a while longer before Drew came and took the phone from Justin. I swear he loves talking on the phone.

"HI MAMA!" he practically screamed down the phone to me.

"Hey Baby! I miss you." I said starting to tear up.

"Me miss you too mama. Me and dada have fun." he said cheerfully.

"What did you guys do today?" I asked interested in what Justin planned for them.

"Went to park, swim, had ice cweam, visit gramma, and play bad guys. Dada was the bad guy." he said explaining his day.

"So, you had fun with daddy, I see?" I asked.

"Yeah, we had lot of fun, mama." he told me which made me smile.

"That’s good baby, I love you. Put daddy on the phone." I told him.

"I wove you too mama." he said before he gave the phone to Justin.

"So, I hear you and Drew had a lot of fun today, and you were the bad guy." I said.

"We did. We had a lot of fun, he even played with the other kids at the park." Justin said explaining what happened at the park.

"I’m glad he’s playing with other kids."

"Yeah, so how far are you with recording?" he asked interested in my music.

"I’ve actually finished recording 3 songs, so pretty good." I said excitedly.

"That’s great, babe. When will I hear them?"

Right when I was about to reply my producer came and said it’s time to start recording again.

"Babe, I gotta go. But I’ll see you at home in about an hour." I said sadly not wanting to hang up yet.

"Alright babe, finish up and I’ll see you at home. I love you."

"I love you too, Jay." I said before hanging up.







"Every Night’s My Birthday."


Hope you have fun reading but, make sure you’re mature enough beforehand.

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House Hunting, Jelena One-Shot


Selena’s POV:

"I’m tired of looking at houses, babe," Justin whined as we rolled to a stop at the stoplight behind the realtor’s silver Lexus.

Taking his hand that’s resting on the console, I give it a tight squeeze to reassure him.

"Just one more. I think this might be the one!" I protest.

"Sel, you’ve said that about the last five houses we looked at," Justin points out as we turn onto a different street, passing huge mansion-like houses aligned on the sides of the street.

"We need to pick out our first home together so we both have someplace to come to after tour. Let’s face it, your place is too much of a bachelor pad and my place.. Well, I live with my parents. So we need to get this done!"

His only response was a groan as if I was forcing him to do chores.

"Just be on your best behavior, please?" I pouted with my doe eyes.

"What’s in it for me?" He asks skeptically.

"If you’re a good boy, I promise I’ll thank you later," I whisper seductively while tracing my hand around on his lap.

"Deal," he mutters quickly. “Let’s get this over with…" he grumbles while pulling up to the mansion.

After the realtor opens the gate guarding the house for sale, Justin parks in the long winding driveway. He opens the passenger door for me and we walk hand-in-hand to the front door where the realtor is waiting for us.

Luckily, our realtor, Katherine, was much more patient than Justin and wasn’t transparent about her angst over taking us to see six different properties today. Five hours later she still held the same smile and walked us confidently through each home, spilling to us her well-devised speech covering the features of each home, including its price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and list of amenities.

"This Mediterranean mansion is just over ten thousand square feet with nine bedrooms, ten full bathrooms, six car garage, pool and spa, a guest cabana, and more, priced at $7,000,000. Would you like to take a look?" she asked perkily.

"No," Justin mumbled before I slapped his chest.

"Yes, we’d love to," I answered instead and shot Justin a death glare.

"Right this way." After unlocking the grand doors, she holds it open for us, allowing us to walk in first.

"Wow," I mutter in awe. “It’s beautiful!"

The formal entry opens into the foyer where there’s dual grand staircases leading to the second floor. It’s really open because of the high ceilings that have exposed beams. An elegant chandelier hangs delicately from the ceiling.

I glance around the entry with my jaw on the floor when suddenly Justin nudges my shoulder. Meeting his gaze, I notice that his face drips with indifference, clearly he’s much better at the poker face than I am. He’s giving me a silent reminder that if we show how much we like the house, the realtor will try to get more money out of us, giving her a bigger commission. While neither Justin or I are tight on money, we definitely don’t want to be played.

"Can we see the kitchen please?" I ask politely without a grin.

"Sure," she nods and her heels click noisily against the marble floor as she guides to the kitchen.

Much like the rest of the house, I’m presuming, the kitchen is huge! Since a huge kitchen is high on my list of things I want in a house, it’s definitely appeasing.

"Wow, again! Jay, isn’t this big?" I emphasize the space.

"Not as big as my d-" he begins to whisper in my ear but finishes the sentence groaning in pain as I elbow him in the stomach.

"The kitchen comes fully equipped with top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, a walk-in pantry, granite countertops, double ovens, and a gas range."

"Now if only you could cook.." Justin teases knowing full well the first thing I’m doing when we move in somewhere is hire a professional chef.

"Hey!" I protest. “I’ve been told that I make the best cheesy potatoes ever." I stick my tongue out childishly at Justin when suddenly he grasps both of my arms and pulls me closer to him.

"Yeah?" he encourages and begins tickling me.

Fits of giggles involuntarily escape me and I try to pull away from his grip.

"Who told you that, huh?" He continues his teasing but ineffectively as he’s laughing while talking.

Thankfully he stops his torture, freeing my hands. I wrap my arms around his neck and whisper against his lips, “Lots of people.”

Just as he’s about to lean in to connect our lips, Katherine discreetly coughs from the other ends of the room. “Let’s see the rest of the house, shall we?” She bobs her head up and down enthusiastically with her eyebrows raised, obviously trying to move us along so she can either go home or get paid.

I smirk at Justin one last time before untangling my limbs from him and following Katherine around the house dutifully.

In quick succession, the three of us visit the theater room, which sits 16 comfortably, three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a full gym, a living room, dining room, and family room. And that all just downstairs.

The outside is just as magnificent. The pool is Olympic size and even has a water slide. Surrounding the pool, there’s a smattering of pool chairs and umbrellas, perfect for tanning.

"And you can entertain out here if you like as there’s a full kitchen and grill right here," she informs us before leading us to the guest cabana. “This is where guests can stay if you’d like them separate from the main house, almost like an excluded apartment."

"Or where we can escape to be naughty while there’s too many guests in the main house," Justin whispers in my ear, nibbling my earlobe.

Luckily, Katherine doesn’t seem to notice as she’s babbling on about the jacuzzi.

Once upstairs we tour the media room, the rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms, and our last stop is the master bedroom.

"The master of course has its own en suite bathroom."

The bathroom is marvelously tiled with his and her sinks, a separate room for just the toilet and bidet.

"The main feature of the bathroom is the shower, which comfortably fits more than one person, if that’s your style," she tells us awkwardly, not wanting to intrude on our personal life, but just dutifully speaking the brochure.

"Oh yes, it’s definitely our style," Justin quips while wiggling his eyebrows. I blush a deep red with embarrassment when I meet Katherine’s gaze and she instantly looks down at her shoes, embarrassed herself with Justin’s latest revelation.

"Right," she interjects, attempting to change the subject quickly.
"We also have his and her walk-in closets, and that brings us to the end of the tour. I’ll let you two talk privately for a few minutes, if have any questions I’ll be downstairs," Katherine announces and promptly walks out of the room.

I turn my attention to Justin as we admire the view from the bay windows.

"So, what do you think?" I squeal excitedly, hoping he loves the house as much as I do.

"I think that you’re beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, sexy, and all mine," Justin describes as he counts each item off on his fingers before using one of them to tip my chin up so I meet his lustful gaze.

I push his hand away playfully. “No silly! About the house!”

"Oh," he mutters. “I think I want to take you right here on someone else’s bed in someone else’s house."

Before I can protest, he scoops me up effortlessly into his arms and plops me onto the king size bed that looks miniscule compared to the shear size of the room. He hovers over me, and begins trailing kisses from my face, to my neck, to my boobs over my blouse…

I push him off me strongly enough so that he rolls over onto his back, now laying beside me. I take this opportunity to sit astride him, effectively holding him down. I grab each of his wrists in my hands and pin them beside his head.

"I like where this is going!" Justine exclaims excitedly.

I blush realizing how this might look. “No, Justin! I’m serious. What do you think of the house? Should we buy it or keep looking?”

He shrugs indifferently so I get off of him and stand up from the bed, walking toward the door. Just when I think he’s a lost cause that can’t stand to be serious for one moment, he holds onto my shoulder, pulling me around.

"Sel, wait! I think if you like the house and you would be happy living here, then we should buy it. If you’re happy, I’m happy, Sel."

A grin takes over my face as I step on my tippy toes to meet my lips with Justin’s. The kiss starts out sweet, a young couple having just decided their biggest purchase together to date, but instantly turns into something darker as he slips his tongue in my mouth, grazing mine.

I use my tongue to explore the contours of his mouth while he does the same. We’re frantically trying to taste all of each other and pour everything we can into the kiss; lust, love, happiness.

He wraps his hand behind my head with one arm and the other snakes around my waist, enabling him to pull me closer to him so I’m enveloped by his body. My hands tangle into his hair, threading the soft strands through my fingertips.

We separate at the last second possible before either one of us goes unconscious from lack of oxygen and stare hungrily into each others eyes, the desire shared between us heavily present.

"Sold," he whispers huskily as he pushes my jacket off my shoulders and brings me into another heated kiss.

A/N: Just something I came up with since Selena keeps talking about how she’s getting a place of her own soon :) I will love you forever if you send me feedback! Also, if there’s any other scenario you want written into a one shot, send me a message and I’ll do my best to write it up for you! :)

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