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"love the way you look at me" 




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More Than Ever- Chapter 1


Selena’s Pov

"Beautiful, just remember to keep those elbows in." Lacy, my coach, instructed. "The tighter, the faster, don’t forget." She added, as I regained my stance to retry the spin. 

I crossed my arms over my chest, and went for the leap. The cold air nipped at my nose as I spun through the air, and as I landed, stabbing my toe-pick into the ice a slow applaud caught my attention.

Lacy and I turned simultaneously, “Selena, come in!” My mother shouted from the stands, holding herself tightly to keep from the shivery air.

"I’m sorry-" I turned back to Lacy.

"Don’t worry about it, we can call it a day." She pulled me in for a gentle squeeze before I headed towards the exit. I begun to untie my laces and pull the skates from my aching feet, while rubbing my numb fingers in my heel I heard my mother coming from my left. 

"You’re really starting to get sloppy. Your double axle, was completely off." She sighed, keeping her arms crossed.

"My double ax- how long have you been here?" I asked, looking up.

"Long enough to realize that Lacy is not worth the money I’m paying." 

"Can we not do this, I was just having an off day. It has nothing to do with Lacy." I defended my coach, and practically best friend. 

"Well you better work on it, because your audition for Michelle Kwan is Saturday. That better not be an off day."

"I know Mom, I got it." I huffed, pulling on my flats.

"And also your S.A.T’s are Friday. You need finish your prep tonight so until then the rest of your time can be devoted to the audition."

"And what about work?" I stood up, letting my bag fall to the floor.

"Obligations Selena! Working in some dive cafe is an option, these things are not." 

"So quit?" 

"So figure it out." She turned, walking out of the locker room. "Hurry to the car." 

I fell back onto the bench letting my head rest in my hands. “Dad, I need you.” I whispered aloud, as if he could hear me.

Justin’s Pov

"Are you crazy?! Another ticket?" Scooter threw the envelope across the table.

"It was just one of those stupid traffic cams. It’s already taken care of." I brushed it off, sliding it back towards him.

"Not according to TMZ, it’s not!" He shouted, slamming his hands onto the table. "You have to realize not everything can be taken care of with just your signature!"

"I’m not twelve, I know that!" I shot back, standing to my feet, "And I also know I don’t have to stand here listening to this bullshit!"

"Justin-" My mom caught my arm, as I turned the corner. "What’s with all the screaming?" She asked.

"It’s nothing, it’s stupid. Scooter’s just tripping out over nothing." I sighed, releasing my pent up stance.

"Really? Your sixth ticket, it’s nothing?" He popped up behind me shoving the paper in my face.

"Sixth ticket?" My mom grabbed it, reading the violations. "First speeding, the pot, now this?" 

"It’s a no seat belt ticket! What are you guys freaking out about?!" I shouted, stepping away from the two.

"No seat belt, or 119 down the highway. It’s doesn’t matter, a ticket is a ticket. Why can’t you comprehend that?!" Scooter shouted.

"Enough. I’m done with the yelling. And I’m done with this Justin. I’m not oblivious, I know the trouble you’ve been getting into lately, and not just the tickets. Yes, I know, you’re eighteen and an adult but this is still my house. It needs to stop." I could see the tears filling in her eyes, as she turned and ran up the stairs. 

"Mom-" I started after her as Scooter grabbed my arm and stopped me. 

"And I’m your manager, who is in charge of Justin Bieber. And Justin Bieber is doing a real shitty job promoting his new album. So you better get on the right track. Now.”



Click here for chapter 9

- - - - - - - - - - - jelenalooover - - - - - - - - - -

Make you stronger
So we’ll live longer
You’ve lost your faith in love
But I’ll make you believe again

- - - - - - - - - - - jelenalooover - - - - - - - - - -

Justin’s POV

I couldn’t help but notice the change of Selena’s mood during our session. She seemed to have started to feel more comfortable with herself and more focused with our discussion. Dr. Kate seemed pleased of our progression, because our session was dismissed earlier than the usual. I was happy for Sel, because it was certainly a big improvement for her.

Once we were dismissed, I walked Selena back to the dorm, since Dr. Kate insisted I should do so.

"Are you excited for the dance tomorrow night?" I asked, trying to make a small conversation, as we made our way to the dorm.

"How did you know about that?" Sel asked, looking slightly astonished. I have forgotten that my appearance was still a secret.

"Oh, Dr. Kate invited me," I simply explained, leaving out the fact that I would be surprising them tomorrow with a special performance.

"I’m not really excited. I don’t like going to parties, but it is required." She shrugged, obviously not interested in going.

"Ummm, would you save me a dance, though?" I asked, suddenly feeling a bit shy.

"Sure," she replied, sounding pleased.

Her face suddenly lit up, and I swear, I saw a very light tint of pink covering her cheeks. Was it because I had asked her out for a dance? Oh no, I should not over-think this.

Finally, we made it inside her dorm building. The trip to the third floor was filled with silence, but luckily, it wasn’t the awkward kind of silence.

Once we finally made it in front of her bedroom, she turned around to face me.

"Thanks for walking with me, Justin," she said, giving me a small smile.

"You’re welcome," I answered, smiling back at her. "Our session today was better than before. We did great."

"We sure did," she agreed.

"I’m glad we’re making progress… So, I’ll see you tomorrow?" I said, so I could avoid embarrassing myself more.

"Yes, tomorrow."

"Goodbye, Sel."

Suddenly, her eyes went glassy, as if she was about to cry. She bit her lower lip, probably to stop the tears from falling. It was the words which triggered her emotion… She didn’t like hearing me say goodbye. Dr. Kate had mentioned that Sel was also suffering from depression.

"Hey, don’t be sad," I whispered upon caressing the side of her face. "I’ll see you again tomorrow," I said slowly as I looked into her big brown eyes. A tear fell from her eye and I immediately caught it with my thumb, wiping it away from her gorgeous face.

I watched as her lower lip started to quiver, and before I knew it, she already had her slim arms wrapped around my torso as she silently cried on my chest. Not wanting to take the risk of anyone seeing us, I reached for the door knob to her room, twisted it and pushed the door open. I walked inside the empty room with a crying Selena in my arms. Right when I had already closed the door, I wrapped my arms around her petite frame without a single hint of hesitation.

"I didn’t mean to upset you," I whispered as I kissed the top of her head. Mmmm… She still smelled like Strawberries & Cream, her shampoo.

"I don’t wanna lose you again," she whispered shakily. The sound of her voice broke my heart – I could tell that she was in so much pain. "I know I was the one who left, but… having you here with me right now is just… I thought I would never see you again."

"Hey, it’s okay. You won’t lose me. Just don’t run away again, Sel."

Selena lifted her head from my chest and looked me in the eyes. “But I don’t think I can get through this anymore,” she spoke through her tears. “It’s too much.”

"I’ll be with you. We’ll get through this together. I will help you."

"Once you find out, you’re going to hate me forever." For a moment, she had her wall down, but I didn’t want to take advantage. I would wait until she was ready.

"I won’t. I couldn’t do that, Sel," I said, trying to calm her down. I didn’t know what exactly she was talking about. Was it about the reason why she left? Maybe it was about Jayce’s adoption. Maybe she didn’t exactly know where he was currently settled in, but I could get the best lawyers in the country and do everything I could, just to bring our baby back to her… To us.

"Don’t worry about it right now," I reminded her. We have to focus on positive things, so I tried to think of something to distract her with.

"Do you wanna play Jenga?" I randomly asked.

"What?" She asked, confused with the sudden change of topic.

"I spy a set of Jenga over there," I said as I motioned for her to look at Demi’s desk. "We should play. It can help cheer you up. I’ll build the tower for us."

"Okay," she replied hesitantly, wiping her tear stained cheeks with the use of her hands. I spotted the box of tissues on her desk so I grabbed it and pulled out a few plies before gently wiping Selena’s wet face.

"Come on, pull yourself together. You are strong," I encouraged her.

"Thanks, Justin," she answered, smiling genuinely. I got up from the bed and headed towards Demi’s desk to grab the set of Jenga. Sel and I sat on the floor and started a small conversation as I built a tower.

In less than thirty minutes, I was able to make her smile and laugh. We were really having a blast playing with Jenga, and we made the game interesting by asking each other a question every time we took turns. Of course, the questions weren’t awkward ones. We mainly did some sort of catching-up. We both played it safe and avoided all the drama-causing questions. Her lunch was soon brought in by a nurse, and we both shared on her food while we played. Well, sort of. I ate the apple and I let her eat the main dish by herself, since she needed nutrients the most. After having lunch, she borrowed a board game from the nurse station and we played Scrabble. It felt nice to have her back in my life. I guess I felt more relieved that I finally have found her.

"Well, that was fun," she whispered once we cleared up. It was already four in the afternoon and she had some art session from four to five.

"We should do it again sometime," I answered as I got up from the floor and brushed some dirt off my pants.

"Thanks for staying, Jay," she spoke shyly. She mentioned that Demi had some classes from one to five thirty, so I was glad I had stayed to comfort her.

We soon said our goodbyes and gave each other a quick hug, before I headed out and went back to my hotel. I spent the night preparing and making arrangements for my performance tomorrow night. And right before I went to bed, I called Amber and we talked for about thirty minutes. We were both tired, so we didn’t take long. However, I still felt terrible for keeping my thing with Selena a secret from her. Hopefully, this plan wouldn’t blow out of proportion.

- - - - - - - - - - - jelenalooover - - - - - - - - - -

The next day, I was up early and felt sort of excited for my session with Selena. I was really looking forward to it, because she had improved a lot and we both had grown closer in just a short amount of time.

I was fifteen minutes early for the session. As expected, Dr. Kate told me to fetch Selena from her dorm, in which I didn’t really mind at all. Once I made it there, Demi answered the door and invited me to come inside. I was expecting that Selena was still asleep, but this time, she was already out of bed and was neatly dressed in a pink shirt, a pair of faded blue jeans, and a pair of white converse. She had her hair neatly tied up in a bun, the dark circles under her eyes were long gone, and her face looked radiant than before. She seemed refreshed and ready to go.

"Well, someone used their alarm clock today," I teased as I gazed at her in amusement.

"I felt bad that I made you wait yesterday," she replied shyly, biting her lower lip and blushing at my little comment. I thought she still looked cute when I see her blush.

"Nah, it was nothing. Are you ready? Come on now."

She nodded and we both waved goodbye to Demi before exiting the room.

Our session went well. The awkwardness was still there, but it was manageable. We just have to learn how to trust each other once more. This day, we talked about strength and weaknesses, and I have to admit that these sessions were really helpful for me too, as an individual. I gotta give Dr. Kate some credit; she was really great on her job.

Again, I walked Sel to her dorm room after the session and told her I would see her later at the party.

While I was on my way out, I spotted Taylor. I just greeted her and didn’t keep her for long, because she had to be with the girls and I had to drive back to my hotel. Taylor would be present later because she would assist in the party, and she had also volunteered to help the girls with their hair and make-up. Right after the short encounter with Taylor, my bodyguard soon drove me back to the hotel, so I could have lunch and also gather some stuff including my outfit for tonight.

- - - - - - - - - - - jelenalooover - - - - - - - - - -

The party would start at around five in the afternoon, but I have been rehearsing inside the venue since three in the afternoon. I have met another patient who also happened to be a big fan of mine. His name was Joe and he was a twenty year-old lad seeking treatment for depression. He randomly told me that he played a lot of instruments including piano and guitar, so I asked if he would like to accompany me on my performance. I had planned on borrowing a guitar or a piano from the music club and just play it myself, but I knew that this idea was better. He was ecstatic as he came back to the auditorium after grabbing his guitar from his room, and then he played a couple of songs. I was indeed amazed because he was really good. Not only I have found someone to play the guitar for me, but I would also be giving him a chance to shine, which was an opportunity he truly deserved.

Time passed by swiftly. Rehearsals were soon done and I had to change my outfit for the party. I had my little private room backstage, so no one would see me. They wanted my performance to be a surprise. Joe and I were in the middle of rehearsing “Be Alright” when Taylor dropped by to see how I was doing. She motioned for me not to stop singing, so I went on until we finished the song, while she watched us with a smile on her face.

"Wow, I almost forgot how great you sounded," she said with a chuckle, and I playfully rolled my eyes in return. She was probably just teasing me.

"You guys know each other?" Joe asked, obviously confused with the interaction between Taylor and I.

"Well, kinda…" Taylor replied, smirking. "He’s like my little brother," she added and sent me a wink, which Joe didn’t notice.

"Wow, that’s so cool… Well, how about me? How did I sound, Alison?" Joe asked eagerly. It seemed like he was close to her too. "Do you think Demi would like it?" Oh, now it got me thinking… was he Demi’s boyfriend?

"She will love it!" Taylor replied with enthusiasm.

"Is Demi your girlfriend?" I teased him and his face turned red! Maybe she wasn’t.

"Ummm… I better go out for a little while, so my friends won’t suspect anything," Joe muttered, ignoring my question, obviously feeling embarrassed.

"Right, okay…" I nodded and let him go. I wouldn’t want to upset him or make him feel anxious more than what I had done.

"Demi is dancing somewhere near the stage!" Taylor called out, right before Joe had left. "He has a crush on Demi," she whispered as she took Joe’s previous spot on the couch.

"How is Sel?" I asked Taylor once Joe was out of the room.

"Well, she wasn’t really excited for the party, but I know she will have a good time," she replied, smiling. "She enjoyed dressing up for tonight, though. It’s been a while."

"Does she have a date?" I asked anxiously, hoping Taylor would say that she doesn’t.

"I don’t think so…" For a while she looked intrigued, but she didn’t press further about the subject.  Good. At least I would have a shot to dance with her.

"Justin, please don’t do anything you might regret later on. I know you are engaged. I don’t want to see Selena get hurt again. She had already gone through all sorts of crap too much," she admitted with concern evident in her voice.

“Don’t worry, Taylor. I won’t hurt her. I just want to help her get back on her feet. I want to be in good terms with her, for the sake of our child.”

I was aware of the possibilities, but I trust myself enough to be responsible for my actions. I also have no intention in leading her to something that would make our situation worse. My main priorities were to make friends with her, gain her trust, look for our son, and help her get better.

- - - - - - - - - - - jelenalooover - - - - - - - - - -

Hey loves! Sorry for the super late update. I’m really trying my best to write, but it seems like I’m lacking inspiration. And to be quite honest, I feel tired all the time. Too lazy to write, plus the hot weather in our country isn’t much of a big help. LOL. But I’m not going to abandon you all. I just need more of your patience, please. I hope you understand & I hope you’ll stay and wait for the next chapters. I promise I will do my best to post another chapter soon!

Thank you for supporting my fanfics and waiting for my updates, even though I suck in updating. lol <3

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